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Do you know how much greenhouse gases your industry emits?

Global Warming

A phenomenon that is increasingly clearer to our eyes is Global Warming, which has caused changes in the Earth’s climate, such as: increase of the frequency and intensity of floods and drought; losses in agriculture; threats to biodiversity; changes in the hydrologic system with impacts on the hydro-electric power generation capacity; expansion of the vectors of endemic diseases; and sea level elevation.

The systematic analyses of the Inter-government Panel of Climate Change (IPCC) indicates that the global average temperature increase of the planet will be even greater in the future (it is forecasted that global average temperatures will increase between 2 and 4.5 oC until the end of the century) and demonstrate that such warming is caused by anthropic actions, which among other impacts cause the Greenhouse Gases emissions, thus demanding actions on the part of civil society, companies and other institutions to help mitigate the impacts caused by such emission is increasingly more urgent.

Since ABIC is concerned with environmental issues and with the health of our planet, it developed, together with Key Associados, a tool that is capable of calculating the emissions of greenhouse gases generated by the activities of the coffee industry.

This tool will make it possible for the industry to know its ecological footprint and will help companies in taking actions to contributed to the reduction of the impacts generated by human activities.

We invite you to be part of this initiative together with ABIC. To calculate your emissions  click here.  The calculator can be used at no cost to you.

Voluntary Compensation of Emissions

There are some forms to contribute to reducing impacts generated by those emissions. One of them is to promote the reduction of such emissions, which can be done by replacing a technology for another that is less pollutant, through the adoption of strategies to reduce emissions.

Another form to contribute to improve the planet’s climatic conditions is by compensating the generated emissions, which can be done in many ways, as for example through the support of social-environmental projects, which can be in Brazil or in any part of the world.

Please see below some options to compensate emissions:

  • Support to reforestation projects of native forests
  • Energy efficiency systems (wind, solar, hydro-electric, animal or vegetal biomass)
  • Replacement of fossil fuel used in the productive process for renewable fuels such as biodiesel (soy, castor oil, sunflower) or ethanol (alcohol)
  • Purchase of Carbon Credits of varied origin (international voluntary or regulated market)

If you are interested in more details about how to compensate your emissions of greenhouse gases, please contact the Instituto Totum (+ 55 11 3372-9574). They can provide more details about this subject.