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In May 2007,  Associação Brasileira da Indústria de Café (ABIC) launched the Sustainable Coffee Program of Brazil (PCS) aiming at introducing on the Brazilian Market, within the new world trend of consumer awareness: products that are acquired because they were provenly made respecting economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Coffee production, among all agricultural products, contribute to the sustainability of the activity in the environmental, economic and social dimensions. In Brazil, the PCS program was implemented, aiming at significantly expanding supply and demand of those types of coffee.

Despite the existence of many certification programs with emphasis on sustainability worldwide, none of them deal with the questions of sustainability from the viewpoint of the consumer along the whole chain. To solve this deficiency, ABIC suggested in the PCS a series of requirements that should be met in the whole coffee supply chain, from the farm to the final consumer, as a way to recognize the brands of roasted and/or ground coffee that add quality and sustainability.

ABIC stimulates partnerships with the industry, coffee growers and their cooperatives, to promote Sustainability and Quality in the whole coffee chain, from the agricultural process, to processing and the industrial process in roasting.