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How is the quality of the process verified?

When enrolling in the PQC, the industries will also be audited from time to time, by an ABIC accredited certification entity, to evaluate their facilities, work conditions and the whole industrial process line. This leads companies to real “Good Manufacturing Practices.”

The demands of the process are based on the legislation in force where conditions of control, traceability, hygiene are verified, including among other mandatory requirements related to the productive process, the following:

  • Outdoor areas and Infrastructure of the Industrial Plant
  • Locker Rooms and Restrooms
  • Coffee Purchase and Warehousing Process
  • Blending Process
  • Roasting Process
  • Grinding Process
  • Packaging and Shipment Process
  • Process or Area Responsible for Pest Controls
  • Process or Area Responsible for Personnel, Medical Examinations, Occupational Health and Safety, and the Environment.

Auditor’s Checklist (In Portuguese)