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ABIC monitors the purity and quality of coffee performing over 3,000 coffee analyses a year.

Samples collected at points-of-sale by independent auditors, codified, and analyzed in accredited labs, guaranteeing total impartiality of the process. Authorization to use the Purity Seal in packaging is only allowed for pure products.

In addition for having been responsible for the expansion of the domestic market in the 1990s, the Program continues to be vital to combat fraud and sale of coffees of very low quality and high percentage of impurities. In the case of companies associated with impure brands, administrative procedures are open with penalties that can lead to the exclusion from the membership base.  In cases in which the company is not a member of ABIC, in addition to issuing notices to them, communications are sent to the Public Prosecutors Office, to ANVISA and to the Consumer Protection Foundation (PROCON), and other organizations.